Redactics Is…

the backbone of your safe data ecosystem built with an (soon to be) open source engine featuring a paradigm shifting privacy by design approach to data security and privacy. This architecture supports a compliant solution to bring safe data defaults to your organization, and provides your engineers with safe access to production data (replicated or sampled on demand) without the needless toil and time expense of a homemade approach. In addition, Redactics automates several common day-to-day DevOps/data engineering tasks with its turnkey-style workflows so your developers are empowered with the data they need, and your DevOps/data engineers can instead spend their valuable time elsewhere.

With These Workflows Redactics Can:

Generate samples of your production data from a specified time period (minus PII and/or sensitive information) on schedule or cherry-picked on demand, automatically inject this data into your test environments in near real-time to improve the quality and accuracy of your testing, replacing your seed data. Check out our guide to learn more!
Using Redactics to create and managed versioned safe datasets derived from your production data allows your teams to think about their data repositories like they do their code repositories. Your engineers need some form of seed/dummy data to test against, but maintaining a rich dataset is time consuming and so often neglected.
Automate the delivery of your production data (minus PII and sensitive information) to your engineering teams and data lakes/lakehouses in near real-time without cross-team blockers or dependencies, allowing them to focus exclusively on value delivery. Check out our guide to learn more!
Concerned about your migration scripts breaking with data in your production database? Automate dry-runs of your migrations with a clone of your production database via your CI/CD platform, assuring you never face data integrity issues (and/or outages) involving your production database that force time-consuming manual repair efforts.
Generate customized datasets for tailored demos empathetic to the ranging use cases of your customers, and automatically update these environments with these datasets as needed without engineering help. Check out our guide to learn more!
Whether your customers wish to access their data to create their own reports, visualizations, or simply wish for their data to be portable, the fact that you are a multi-tenant SaaS platform doesn't have to deter you from providing this service to your customers.
Automate the soft-deletion of users that have asked to be forgotten, or that you've off-boarded. We'll generate a receipt to show proof of this work being completed to your auditors.