Use Cases

Data Privacy/Compliance

When you create your Redactics account, you can select this use case to optimize the Redactics engine and unlock features that best accommodate your data privacy and compliance needs. For example, Redactics can generate SQL queries to automate processing user’s right to be forgotten requests (and validate that these have been run successfully), and a PII scanner is provided to help identify what data in your database may be considered PII.

As you read this, you probably have skepticism over the safety and wisdom of a platform modifying your production data on your behalf (and we’d feel the same in your shoes). So, we don’t actually modify your data: we just generate the SQL queries for you to do this yourself and provide the hooks for you to automate this yourself, if you are so inclined. No actual data is ever sent to Redactics either – the platform implements an intentional network gap between your local agent and the cloud.

Developer Datasets

A surprising number of developers use a copy of their production data for testing purposes, which creates the possibility of exposure of PII. The utility of testing with production data is undeniable, but this is unsafe, not to mention slow. Use Redactics to:

  • Sanitize/redact PII from your production data
  • Prune large tables so you can work against a reasonable sample size of recent data
  • Upload your datasets to your Amazon S3 bucket
  • Download and populate your local database using this data via an auto-generated docker-compose configuration

These features are currently in development…

ETL Pipelines

Use Redactics to extract from and transform your production data, then pass this data on to your datalake with easy-to-use built-in integrations for a variety of common platforms.

These features are currently in development…