How Does Redactics Work?

The Redactics SMART Agent is a Kubernetes Helm chart that gets installed adjacent to each production database (i.e. on the same network) in your infrastructure you’d like it to source data from. It is extremely lightweight and operates using a pure SQL approach using native database functionality, so table sizes are not a constraint, and memory requirements do not increase as your tables grow.

Each time your workflow runs, it will spawn and destroy new Kubernetes pods within its assigned namespace in order to carry out its work, as per your configuration. Any issues will be reported to the Redactics dashboard, but no actual data ever actually leaves your database’s network – all of this work is carried out locally. The SMART Agent operates as a configurable appliance. A downloadable Redactics CLI is provided in the dashboard for manual job invocation, troubleshooting, and retrieving files created by the SMART Agent.

You can learn more technical information about Redactics by following our blog.