Ensure minimum load on your production databases with near real-time delta syncs to your target database. New data creation via your Redactics Data Feeds will not be overwritten by future syncs so it can supplement whatever other data you need in these environments. This eliminates disruption to all of your data delivery.
Automate delivery of these delta updates rather than allocating sprint time to building and maintaining these often finicky pipelines. Several pre-made data feeds are provided for the most common destinations, and you can also develop your own for your unique use cases.
Allow your developers to use data samples generated by Redactics to reproduce and resolve bugs reported by your customers right from their laptop to reduce the cycle time needed to resolve issues, all while accounting for data privacy concerns and not exposing sensitive customer information.
Redactics is built based on an architectural approach we call ERL (Extract, Redact, Load) that stresses data privacy in its design, including a focus pertaining to how your stakeholders interact with your data. By having them default to working in your No PII Zone, this not only eliminates risk, but streamlines your compliance attestation with automated evidence gathering and not having to account for direct production data access.
Use the Redactics PII Scanner for providing full peace of mind in identifying your PII and sensitive information across all databases, and to remove engineering toil by automatically applying redaction rules to your workflow configurations to ensure that this data is not being exposed to your stakeholders, thereby causing potential data leaks.
The principle of least privilege also applies to data access. The vast majority of data breaches stem from human error, so replacing this access with your No PII Zone will eliminate your biggest statistical vulnerability.
An easy one-time install by your DevOps/SRE engineer ensures not having to waste precious engineering hours getting up and running. Going forward all workflow updates in the Redactics Dashboard will be automatically recognized allowing your teams to work autonomously without further DevOps/SRE involvement.
Redactics runs in your own infrastructure so that you don't have to trust an external entity, and you can minimize your costs by cutting out the financial overhead of having to "rent" the infrastructure provided by a SaaS partner. Your data never leaves your network, simplifying your compliance attestation, yet Redactics will "phone home" some useful diagnostic metadata to help us support you.
Sign up and test drive Redactics with nothing more than a web browser using our free web-based ERL evaluations!